Visual Basic Samples

IFF Grey Code

An aviation orientated calculator that is used to convert Altitude to Grey Code (IFF) and IFF Squawk code. Conversions can be made in any direction. Please note that this program is not FAA approved use as reference only. When loading from the zip format ensure that all files are stored in a Collocated folder. (Size 112Kb)

Code Library

A Text Browser Application that can be utilized as a simple way to view and edit stored sample codes saved in ".txt" format. This application has a tree view window to navigate between folders once the text file is selected a text field stream displays the contents in a seperate window. Viewing the files content in 'Read Only' if editing is required an option exists to open the file in Note Pad. (Size 1,167Kb)

Jepardy Tutorial

A Tutorial application developed in VB.Net. Emulates the popular Jeopardy TV game to be used to enhance the instructional material provided throughout the training session. Training session could be facilitated for two to four groups. Program provides a database to store multiple training sessions and adds the function to incorporate pictures within the training sessions. A facilitator is required to run the session. (Size 5,734Kb)